Knowing the Characteristics of Generation Z that Become Your Market Target

Knowing the Characteristics of Generation Z that Become Your Market Target. For entrepreneurs, it is very important to recognize the characteristics of consumers. If generation Z becomes the target market for your business, then you have to understand the uniqueness of the Z character and thought patterns.

Knowing the Characteristics of Generation Z that Become Your Market Target

Generation Z or abbreviated as Z is a generation born after generation Y or millennial. There has been no official agreement on the year of birth of the Z. However, most experts agree that the Z group was born between 1995 and the early 2000s.

For information, 18 percent of the world's population is generation Z. This number certainly has increased at this time. A very tempting market share for entrepreneurs.

The age of the Z which is still relatively young makes this group often called “children today”. Their lifestyle is modern and contemporary. Familiar with technology and gadgets in their daily lives.

Well, for those of you who want to reach the Z and make it loyal to your business, surely you must know the characteristics of this generation. So you will find it easier to create promotional and marketing strategies that are relevant to their lifestyle.

Here are some things to know about the character of the Z. Things that can be an inspiration for entrepreneurs so that your business can get their attention and interest.

Less focus

In general, Z tend to be less focused. They are easily distracted by their focus and often do various things at once. They can use a smartphone to open social media, contact their friends, and while doing assignments on the computer. This is a challenge for businesses to steal their attention.

Easily Bored

Because of the attitude that is not easy to focus, then the move between one thing to another is so fast. For this reason, business people must often make something new for the Z so they don't get bored quickly and leave your business. Your business must be creative and innovative.

Less Interested in Discounts

Compared to millennial, the Z is less interested in promotional discounts or discounted prices. Only about 46 percent of Z genes like discounts and want to try to get discounts. For that, if you want to do a discount promotion, you have to try extra to convince the Z that your discount is in his favor.

Have High Expectations

Gen Z tends to have high expectations for a brand. If you don't treat the Z properly, then they will leave your business immediately. They expect appreciation and want to be served well. For this reason, increase the quality of your business products and services.

More Global Thinking

Because of getting to know the internet since childhood, the Z has a more global mindset. His perspective is open in seeing various things. For this reason, the best way to reach them is through online promotion and marketing.

For online businesses, you must know the media platforms that are often used by this generation and their behavior in cyberspace. However, consider also new ways to attract their attention, because they are easily attracted to new things, especially those related to technology.

Well, that's the characteristic inherent in generation Z. Although classified as a young age group, their numbers are very large and are potential consumers. Therefore, identify their character and needs so that your business can get their attention.